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It’s time to kick back, there are many great cities to retire to in Africa and picking a foreign destination for retirement can be exciting but it must meet certain needs. Here are 10 great cities to retire to in Africa and the reasons why.


Grahamstown, South Africa
If you plan on finally devoting your attention to the arts and literature during retirement, Grahamstown is perfect. The city is the home of the famous Rhodes University and hosts the National Arts Festival each year, so it is a hub for cultural activity and famous art and literature speakers. You can enjoy a meal at a nice restaurant for around $25 and rent a three-bedroom apartment in the city center for less than $700 per month.

Ibadan, Nigeria

Ibadan isn’t far from Lagos, so if you want the conveniences of a big city, you can get their secure units throughout the city and the city’s reputation has expanded from a place with ancient roots to one with gorgeous hotels and upscale restaurants. Cost of living is quite affordable, too.


Diani Beach, Kenya


Diani Beach might be best for a vacation home-away-from-home in Africa. The beach is one of the most famous and pristine in Africa. Diani has a vibrant seaside village full of supermarkets, local craftspeople, and charming cottages for rent or sale.


Kumasi, Ghana
Kumasi is in the middle of lovely green hills, so it has a feel of country living while still being a bustling place. Kumasi has fun educational offerings such as dancing and drumming classes, and fascinating historical sites such as the National Cultural Center, which has inside an enormous library. Kumasi is drivable to airports in Accra and Tamale, so retirees can easily receive visitors. A quick peek at a real estate site will show you that you can buy a multi-bedroom house for between $300,000 and $700,000 in the city.


Enugu, Nigeria
Enugu is ideal for those looking for a laid back vibe. Recently the public transportation and housing have improved greatly. You can rent a three-bedroom, four-bathroom home for around $2,000 per month or buy a three-bedroom house for around $75,000.

Tunis, Tunisia

One of the most important facts about Tunis for retirees is the life expectancy: 74.6 years. If you’ve been blessed with Western medicine and a healthy lifestyle, your life expectancy could be even higher. ranked Tunis on the Happy Index as the second happiest place to live in Africa. The city also has a very manageable railway system.


Libreville, Gabon
Libreville is a modern city near the Atlantic Ocean so it’s great for those looking for beach living. Libreville is one of the largest cities in Gabon, so you can find modern conveniences. The downtown area has luxury apartments with satellite TV and air conditioning. Libreville is home to one of Gabon’s major universities, so it is a hub for cultural and educational events.


Windhoek, Namibia

Home to many expats, so you can bond with others adjusting to a new culture. Since Windhoek isn’t far from South Africa, the city enjoys many of the major South African brands, but none of the traffic. Windhoek also has gorgeous and dynamic landscapes with sand dunes and mountains, and it’s safe to travel around.


Kigali, Rwanda


With welcoming locals and a large community of expats, Kigali offers the best of many worlds including luxury hotels and restaurants amid stunning, lush wildlife. Kigali is extremely clean and safe streets and feels more like a busy suburb. It’s the kind of city that grows on you. When you get to explore its diverse neighborhoods  views of the surrounding hills, you can’t help to love it.


Johannesburg, South Africa
Johannesburg might be one of the pricier cities on this list, but it is still relatively inexpensive compared to American retirement cities.  It’s also very clean and has gorgeous shopping centers.


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