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This simple guide will go a long way in your relationship with a Nigeria man.



In short, it’s understanding. However we’re sure you didn’t come to hear that. So here’s the rundown.

Nigerian’s are everywhere, even in the most unexpected places and with this comes more interracial relationships. While Nigerian’s have different cultures among the tribes there are some traits that run through and through. Sure there are a lot of stereotypes about the good and bad of Nigerian men, you are sure to find some if not most of these characteristics to be true.  So if you’ve found yourself a charming Nigerian man and want to eliminate some of the cultural shock, here are some things you should know.

Respect is key

As in without respect you won’t even crack the door open to a relationship with a Nigerian man. Nigerian culture demands that the man be head of the family, keep in mind that doesn’t mean the woman is his househelp. Quite the opposite they are truly a partnership, a Nigerian proverb says the man is the head, the woman is the neck. Obviously both can’t do without each other.

In terms of family life, Nigerian men need to be in control and make the important decisions that matter in the family. It doesn’t mean that you wont be able to vocalize your opinion and let your desires be known however at the end of the day, the man leads. The benefit of this is that most Nigerian men are also success minded and will make sure the family is provided for. If your Nigerian man is paying household expenses don’t expect him to also do household chores, such as cooking as washing dishes. This doesn’t mean that he won’t help out here and there or cook sometimes, household work is seen as the woman’s responsibilities.

Marrying a Nigerian means your also marrying into the family

Not literally, however Nigerian men tend to be close to their parents and siblings, this is even stronger if he is the first born or only male in his family. He will most likely provide financially for his parents or siblings. As a non-Nigerian you family relations may be different or you may have assumptions about how families work, leave those behind. As comparing your family principles to his has no place. You don’t have to agree with the beliefs and traditions of your partner’s family, just respect them.

It’s very important to observe family traditions and interactions to see if being apart of this family will suite your personality and ability to compromise. You should never have to be someone that you aren’t in order to fit in with his family.

Traditional Cuisine

Egusi soup, jollof rice, pounded yam, these are just a few of the many Nigerian traditional dishes. Learning how to cook traditional cuisine will delight your man (even if he knows how to make the dish himself). Cooking for your Nigerian man (men in general) is almost a standard requirement so if you refuse to it’s a big minus. Even though men expect it, they will always appreciate being served like a king.

A European who traveled to Nigeria experienced cultural shock when she visited a Nigerian family. The wife brought the food to the husband, gave him water to wash his hands after eating, and when the husband finished he stood from the table and left his dished behind, the wife then thanked him for eating the food. She couldn’t believe that after all the wife had done, and thanked him for eating that  he didn’t offer to help clean the kitchen or clear his plate. This is common practice in Nigeria.


A lot of Nigerian men love football, and even if they’re not a big watcher they will certainly join their friends to watch matches as a social outing. If your man is football lover he will not like to be disturbed during the match. Give it a shot, maybe you’ll enjoy watching football also and that’s something you can share with your Nigerian man.

Letting out emotions

“Men don’t cry” while psychologist will say it’s a shame that men are taught this, the reality is that most Nigerian men especially learn that it’s not common to let out his feelings.

Also, don’t expect him to kiss in public. Kissing in public is still considered weird especially Nigeria. Some exposed Nigerian men will not be as timid, but you can’t blame him because he has probably never seen his parents kiss or look at each other affectionately since those things are not done in the public eye.

At the end of the day, this guide simple comes down to understanding. No matter if Ghanian, Nigerian  or Ugandan, you must be willing to understand and respect your partner. Hopefully this article helps you avoid or understand some of the hiccups in the relationship with your Nigerian man.

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