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Some woman want a man who treats her like a queen and respects her, but you must remember he learned it from somewhere. More than likely he learned from the relationship with his mom.

Being a mama’s boy is not always a bad thing, in fact men who are closer to their mothers tend to be more affectionate, caring and considerate, making you feel like he really understand and listens to you. This advice however is for the extreme mama’s boys, I’m talking men that are still reliant on their mother. Some men care for their mother, but sometimes it can get out of hand and could affect a relationship. Most of the time his mother believes that no other woman, expect her, is good enough. Nevertheless if you’re dating a mama’s boy here are tips to help with your difficult situation.

Accept the Situation
There is no point denying the fact that he is a mama’s boy. If your man is the type that runs to his mom for every single thing and relies on herto make decisions for himself then it is clear that he is a mama’s boy. You can’t expect to change a person, if he is a mama’s boy then be conscious of the fact that staying with him means accepting the situation for what it is. If they have a special outing or tradition give them space for their mother-son time  – respect both of them by not intruding.

Develop Your Own Relationship With His Mom
Distancing yourself from the situation is not the way to go, it’s better to make her your friend than your enemy. Get to know her by asking her how her day was and how she has been doing, listen to whatever she has to say especially if it has to do with your man. You could both go out together for  lunch or a cup of coffee. Don’t forget to greet her on her birthday or holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and New Years. You could also help in the kitchen while she is cooking or cleaning.

Respectfully Communicate Your Feelings
If your man can’t make decisions for himself or is fully reliant on his mom, then sit down and bring it to his attention. He might not even know he is a mama’s boy so it’s up to you to confront him. Have a soft conversation, telling him the position he is putting you in. While you are talking do not use the word “mamma’s boy” that will make him angry and your point won’t be heard. He should get more comfortable with you two being together which would lead to him spending more time with you rather than his mom.

Watch What You Say 
Never talk bad about his mother in front of him or complain about her always being around or trying to make your relationship her business. This will only push him away. The same goes for his mom. Never say anything bad about her son in her face this will only make her more defensive than she already was and will convince her son that you are not the right woman for him, which is an easy thing to do to a mama’s boy.

Be true to yourself
Do not try and be his mom. Do not try to do things like his mom because then he will always compare both of you and if anything he will always say you do not do whatever you are trying to do like his mom. You want him to see you for who you truly are and not for somebody else like a mini-mom. Most importantly make it clear that you’re not trying to take the mother’s place, as his woman you serve a unique role in his life.

Enough Is Enough
Being in a relationship with a mamas’s boy has it’s challenges, but if it is something that you can’t tolerate anymore then you might just have to leave him and spare yourself the stress. If he can’t take care of himself then you can’t expect him to suddenly take care of you and you do not need to be his second mom.

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