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Written by Amaka Uwagba

Every woman has thought about what it will feel like to walk down the aisle with the “love of your life” with hope that he is the husband that you have always dreamed of growing old and grey with. Well ladies, if you have a man and think he’s the one here are 10 signs to know if your boyfriend is husband material:

Does he see a future with you?

Majority of the time men just usually date and do not think about settling down. If he uses statements like “we” then he might be the one. For example if he says “I don’t think we should do this “or “in future we can get a place together” or “our lives together.” Usually a man who is single is always going to put himself first by saying “I” or “ME.”

Watch how he introduces you to his family and friends.

Have you meet his parents or the important people in his life? Men tend to not introduce their girlfriends to their friends and family especially people that are important to them if they are not planning or having anything more than a casual relationship. If he is happy to introduce you to his family and friends then this is a sign that he would make a good husband because he honors you.

Is he ambitious?

If he always wants to better himself by working harder and knowing that the sky is not the limit then he might be the right one. If he has a job that he is not happy with but is working towards getting a better job to better himself and you in future then he is a keeper.

Most people do not handle confrontation very well especially men.

Notice how he talks to when you guys get in an argument. Does he swear at you constantly or yell at the top of his voice to get his point across or breaks things when he angry. If he does all of the above or any of it this might be a sign that he might be abusive. If you guys get into argument and he takes a moment to himself to calm down and clear his head then talk about the issue later when both of you are calm then he might be the one for you.

Watch how your boyfriend talks to or treats his mother.

If he does not respect her in anyway then there is no reason why he would respect you even when you are married. And every woman wants respect. But if he is a mamma’s boy this could also be a problem because he might spend more time with her than you and take advice from her about your relationship. Also watch how he treats his family members especially the women; if he treats them like a princess then he will treat you like a queen.  

Is he thoughtful?

Does he help after you’ve had a long day or are not feeling too well? If he notices that you are tired he should be thoughtful to help with the little chores you would usually do. He could also surprise you by making a meal or just being there for you.

Study how he treats you in front of his friends.

If his friends are around and then decides to keep sending you around the house or apartment to get him things, this is not a good sign because his friends would think he controls you. This would lead to him believing that he controls you and owns you and this might be a problem. A good husband will not treat his wife like a maid instead respect her and help his wife.

Understand what your man wants out of life.

Be clear on whether your boyfriend wants kids or not before you walk down the aisle. Most women want a child to call their own and take care of, so be sure if he wants kids or not because if he doesn’t want kids then this is going to be a hard thing to think about, going into a marriage and not having children. And then if you have a child in the marriage and think he would change his mind and accept the baby, don’t be sure cause it might be worse than you thought.

Notice how he treats his little siblings or if he has a child of his own.

If he doesn’t treat them the way you would like your child to be treated then this is a sign that he might not be good father. But if he is a great uncle, brother or father then he will make a great father to your children.

Does he genuinely enjoy your company?

Watch how he spends his free time with you. If usually dedicate his free time to you by watching a movie or going out to eat or even just talking about random things then it’s a positive sign he is the one for you.

These are very important signs to consider if you are thinking about marriage or getting married to the man in your life. Pay attention to the signs because you don’t want to realize his qualities and personalities before it’s too late.


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