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It’s frustrating seeing Africans treat foreigners with more favor than their own. Have you witnessed this? It’s very strange when I see my fellow Africans treating a foreigner in a special way. Puzzled by this situation, I tried to understand why this happens. Here are the only logical explanations.

Foreigners are seen as smarter, when Africans hear foreigners talk they automatically believe their saying something smart. They receive more favor. This can be seen even at the airport. we all know how hectic some airports can be, yet when everybody else is hustling and waiting on the queue for their luggage to get checked-in you’ll see a security guard allow a foreigner to walk past. Meanwhile you’re left standing there confused about what just happened. Also, just because Africans have the perception that most white foreigners are wealthy they are automatically treated differently. They see a white man as richer, smarter and even healthier. Most people tend to respect a wealthy foreigner more than anybody else.

When foreigners arrive to our country, Africans want to go above and beyond to prove that their country is a great place to be. Though the intentions come from a good place the actions get carried out in a way that maltreats or neglects the citizens. Yes, it’s understandable to want to make your country proud and show all the wonderful aspects, but let’s treat our fellow citizens with the same respect.


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