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God made me, I am no happenstance. I am not a child of circumstance. He doesn’t make junk ever. I am unique, one of a kind, equipped with everything necessary to succeed. I have been blessed with God-given talents. There is a king in me. I am a child of royalty. There is power in the words I speak, God created me to make an impact in my generation. If I harness my talents I will get my name written in the hall of fame, imprint my footprints in the sands of time and leave my mark in this world with my deeds.

The green eyed monster, envy, will cease to be my companion because in me lies a well of undeveloped talent. I am a diamond; raw, muddy and unused. With the waters of determination, I will wash out the mud and glitter brighter than the stars. I will make the best use of my time; time they say, waits for no one. Yesterday is gone, buried six feet below the ground; tomorrow is in the womb yet unborn. Yes! I will make proper use of my today so that tomorrow I will walk with my head held high and my shoulders straight. Beating my hands on my chest, I will say proudly: “my yesterday was good, my today is better and my tomorrow will be the best.”

My unique fingerprints are proof that I am wonderfully, beautifully and specially made by the Creator. I am the apple of God’s eyes, I belong to Him. I am His spitting image, Lucifer trembles when I speak. God’s glory is made manifest in me. I am the image and likeness of God; that is, an IMAGO DEI. I am blessed beyond boundaries, favoured for future exploits.

My hope is built on nothing less than Christ. When God talks about a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people; He definitely was referring to me. I am chosen, royal, holy and peculiar and I’m out to sing forth His praises. I don’t need anyone to tell me anything different. I am walking in power, dominion and authority. Created to be a solution-bringer, the joy of the Lord is my stronghold.

Life would not always give me what I want but I’m sure that God will supply all my needs, I will learn to work and excel with all that I have. I am beautiful both on the inside and outside. The perfect peace of God radiates through me. For me, the word ‘impossible’ is not the end but the beginning. I will surmount all obstacles on my path, one way or another with God on my side. Every word on my tongue will be positive; I refuse to be put down by trials and tribulations. I am born to rule; no compromising my standards, values and beliefs. I believe in giving people my very best and the very best will come back to me. In the words of James Corbel, “To become a champion, fight one more round.” I refuse to give up or give in. I am a shining light to my generation, an example to all.

I am part of history making. I am amazing, that is what God has made me to be. I refuse to let anyone dictate the way I will live my life except it’s by the dictates of God’s word. My life is a testimony to the fact that God lives in me.


Helen Oge is fondly known as Chels. She is Christian who relies solely on God’s grace. She loves to write and for her, the words just seem to flow.

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