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Even though we all have our goals and aspirations, it’s important to know the things we do and don’t do well so we can stay in our lane. We have to be clear about our calling and whether we have the necessary traits to achieve it. Now this is certainly not to say stop dreaming big, just to take a true reality check from time to time. Here are some signs you aren’t management material as you never want to get caught up in a position that can make you look inexperienced and unprofessional.



 Once you take on a management role, all eyes — both those of the higher ups and below your command — will be on you. If you’re extremely sensitive, you just might want to rethink that upgrade as it tends to get harder and more stressful on the way up.



Hot heads honestly have no business being in a management position so they can flip out on their employees at any given time. Even if you are dealing with silliness you still need to practice professionalism and not take it to the next level. Remember people are following your lead so what does it say when the boss needs to yell and belittle people?



While there’s nothing wrong with remembering those who helped you get to where you are, you cannot play favorites — and knowingly do so — when you are a manager. If your favoritism gets reported, you are going to have some explaining to do. In addition, it creates dissension in the workplace that can trigger quarrels and loss in productivity.



Everyone is going to have their own management style with some wanting to be a little more hands on that others. Should you happen to fall into the latter category,make sure you are not a micro-manager. That can discourage people from putting their best foot forward. You need to have more trust in your team and their capabilities. Standing over someone’s shoulder to make sure they do things the way you want them to wastes time and energy.



 If someone comes to you with a problem you need to be available and ready to hop into action. Not brush it off in hopes they will figure it out on their own. Part of being a good manager is not only being present but also leading your team to strive.



For heaven’s sake no one is perfect and will do everything to your liking. If you are unable to compromise with anything in life, you are going to have a tough time making it. As a manager you will have a certain standard set that you should uphold, but also need to learn to be a little flexible.



On the opposite end of the micro-managing spectrum is being a total pushover. If you are always saying yes to everyone so there won’t be hard feelings or opposition, how successful do you think you’ll be? There are times when you need to put your foot down and say no because it’s just not in the best interests of the company. Failure to do can lead to more problems than drawing the line.



Please don’t get it twisted. There are times when our jobs are very stressful. No one will take that away from you. There is, however, a difference between trying to pull yourself through a rough patch and turning into Amanda Bynes in the workplace. As a manager you need to try and hold things together as best as possible to be the guiding light and rock for your team. Does this mean you can’t take a minute in the bathroom to collect your thoughts? By all means. Just make sure you aren’t having tantrums and fits that create a bigger scene than necessary in the workplace.



Let’s face it, there are some people who are more concerned about their title and perks than actually doing the necessary tasks required of them. Yes it’s true a good manager knows how to delegate but they also need to be able to do their own job as well. If you are constantly passing off your own list of to-dos for others to complete you might just not be management material.



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